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Operational Execution

Operational Execution

Most people know what needs to be done, but friction, roadblocks, and disconnects arise between knowing and doing. The right focus and perspective is the first step towards accelerated operational execution.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy without tactics is the very definition of “much ado about nothing.” For strategy to produce results, it needs to be converted into tactics and those tactics must produce action. If you can’t draw a line from the strategic concept all the way down to a specific action, you don’t have strategy implementation – you have a wish list.


Making the dreams and vision of the CEO/Founder a reality requires an individual with the ability to prioritize, manage, communicate, and – above all – execute with unequaled rigor. We could go on, but no one has made the point more clearly than Derek Sivers in his essay on Ideas and Execution.

Strategic Initiatives

You know your personnel review process is broken. You know it needs to be fixed, but you’re not sure where to start, and even if you did, you wouldn’t know how to go from the current process to the new one without a major disruption. But with the help of Devers Consulting, a clear definition of the desired end result is achieved, allowing the Strategic Initiative to follow a simple framework for success.

Process and Procedure Implementation

The strategy is the rock star on stage for 90 minutes. Implementation is the crew who work tirelessly behind the scene for hours before and after the show to make sure the rock star looks like a rock star. The show doesn’t go on without all of the planning, sweat, and execution behind the scenes.

Business Expansion

The two most dangerous times for a business: rapid decline AND rapid growth. The former needs no explanation, but the latter is not only counter-intuitive, but sneaky dangerous – like not wearing sunscreen on a cloudy summer day in Texas. Navigating the unique challenges of rapid growth and its hidden pitfalls requires the help of a guide familiar with the terrain.