Devers Consulting



From a meeting between three people to a keynote address to three-thousand, enabling effective communication is the key to sharing ideas and concepts.


Whether presenting to a customer, the board of directors, or an in-house crowd of employees and colleagues, effectively communicating the intended message is the only thing that matters. Focus 80% of your efforts on the message and only 20% on the medium and you’ll be far ahead of the majority of people who have those numbers reversed. Devers Consulting will help you keep the focus where it belongs.


Speaking on a diverse array of topics in the business/entrepreneurial space with an emphasis on Operational Execution, Michael Devers can deliver compelling keynote speeches from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Work Session/Off-sites Facilitation

An objective, impartial facilitator with experience and expertise in keeping a work session or off-site meeting on track and on topic can make the difference between a valuable discussion that produces action and an overly-long, expensive lunch that ends in nothing but heartburn.