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Executive Management

Executive Management

Filling gaps in the skills and knowledge of your employee base can be a challenge at any level, but when those gaps occur in the C-Suite, the challenge is even more complex and dynamic.

C-Suite Responsibilities/Duties

Whether it’s to fill a temporary gap, a necessity borne from rapid growth, or the need for an experienced hand at the wheel of a strategic initiative, all companies find occasion to need the interim help of a C-Suite level executive. 

Executive Coaching

With methods and means tailored specifically to each client’s goals and objectives, Devers Consulting’s approach to coaching is an individualized as each person we work with. The goal is to improve each client’s condition in mutually-agreed-upon specific and measurable ways. For example, instead of saying, “you’ll be able to delegate better,” we would aim for “your daily task load will decrease by learning how to automate the decision-making process on which tasks to delegate and which tasks to handle yourself.”

“A great teacher can change your life in thirty seconds.”

-Jim Collins