Devers Consulting

About Devers Consulting

About Devers Consulting

For over 25 years, Michael Devers has dramatically improved the operational execution of small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries and has also assisted many businesses in rapidly converting their ideas and concepts into actionable plans. 


There’s a big difference between listening and waiting to talk. It’s been my experience that those who merely wait to talk have a solution already in mind and are looking for a problem to fit it to. But when you listen, you get a more complete understanding of the challenges to be addressed, including the many nuances that lay below the surface.

Connect Dots

No two people are alike, so it stands to reason that no two perceptions are alike.

Gaining the perspective of each key stakeholder before engaging a new challenge or opportunity provides the benefit of seeing where both the similarities and differences occur. From there, connecting the dots enables the full picture to emerge. Starting with the end result in mind, we work backwards, plotting every major step and milestone along the way and ensure that each step connects to the one preceding and following it until our thread arrives unbroken at the first action.


When you’re running a business, you’re already busy! It’s right there at the beginning of the word. Everyone is already covered up dealing with the day-to-day operations and putting out the current fires. You know what needs to be done, but carving out the time to start and follow-through is much easier said than done. There’s always something less important but more urgent that battles for your incredibly limited resources of time and attention.

Michael has helped scores of businesses over the past quarter-century overcome their biggest challenges and capitalize on their biggest opportunities.