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Focusing primarily on entrepreneurial SMBs and construction/service companies.

Operational Execution

Most people know what needs to be done, but friction, roadblocks, and disconnects arise between knowing and doing. The right focus and perspective is the first step towards accelerated operational execution.

Executive Management

Filling gaps in the skills and knowledge of your employee base can be a challenge at any level, but when those gaps occur in the C-Suite, the challenge is even more complex and dynamic.

Crisis Management

Whether the crisis is related to business, safety, or your industry, whether it’s long-term or temporary, the goal is to address the crisis head-on and decisively and to emerge from the crisis with an even stronger company.

Process Improvement

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. The challenge lies in the execution: choosing the correct mousetrap, knowing how to build it better, and then following through on every action right down to the packaging.


From a meeting between three people to a keynote address to three-thousand, enabling effective communication is the key to sharing ideas and concepts.

Ladder Safety

No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s no more critical concern than Ladder Safety. This one area of focus can transform your business unlike any other.

Problems solved, vision realized.

Solving complex problems and turning a business leader’s vision into reality is what we live for. There’s no better feeling in the world than leaving a business better than when we walked in the door.

Michael Devers

CEO & Founder

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Michael Devers is all about Execution. As my former business partner with Gruene Music Company / & LoneStarMusic Magazine, he executed our vision. He grew our business in a declining industry as music went digital. You don't ever want to play him in chess because he is always thinking two steps ahead.
When my sisters and I decided to start a small business, we had no idea what we were getting into. Michael Devers provided invaluable business and financial advice along with helping us design the business model and set our future goals. Michael gave us the strategy, solutions, and tactical advice needed to make our dreams a reality! His knowledge, integrity, and drive are unmatched in my opinion.
I have known and worked with Mr. Devers for close to 5 years. During that time, I have asked him to wear several hats including but not limited to: Client, Adviser, Mentor, Coach, Confidante and more. Michael has a deep knowledge well to draw from and a unique ability to shine a laser focus on issues highlighting specific actions steps needed to resolve almost any conundrum. Even when a scenario doesn't have a direct path towards resolution, Michael's ability to share wisdom, show integrity and provide insight has greatly influenced my success. There are many twists and turns when considering Business Operations and I would trust Michael to help me navigate through any of them because he has!
The thing that impresses me most about Michael is his honesty and integrity. When I seek his advice, I know what I am getting is both the right information as well as the truth. Nothing could be more important to being successful, and the success Michael has helped others achieve says it all.
Michael Devers helped guide my career at a very early and crucial time. He showed me how to take my business and my music from just an idea and turn it into a reality. The music business might be the most interesting and difficult business in the world to navigate. There are many moving parts in our industry, much like spokes on a wheel. I am confident that Michael can handle any situation with such challenges with ease.
In just a few short hours of working with Michael, I gained a new perspective of my business. He showed me where my strengths are, and also showed me potential areas of growth. Michael has given me renewed energy and focus.
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